I Don't Get It 2017

Staged across video, sculpture, and photographic work, I Don't Get It is a project that samples mainstream films produced since 2001 that deal directly—or obliquely—with race, examining how narratives of an illusory “post-racial” cultural moment disrupt meaningful conversations about racial injustice. Built using methods that allow for uncertainty, nuances and mistakes, the artworks in I Don't Get It connect critical lines of inquiry throughout the material conditions that produce and perpetuate white supremacy.

Whoa (1 and 2)
Whoa (Moused Wine)
Whoa (Pineapple Nails)
Whoa (Speakers and Mirrors)
Whoa (Need a Towel?)
Whoa (The Car is OK)
Whoa (Roses as Chrysanthemums)
Whoa (Diary of a Young Girl)